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Vatel Planet 2019

The hospitality and tourism industry puts people in touch with an ever-increasing and constantly changing world, making it the only one of its kind. And the same thing is true for Vatel Group: since it was founded in 1981, it has been working with industrial transitions impacting all of those in their wake and rousing even more vocations.

So why not break free from the age-old tradition where students group together in just one country to study and leave to work in other countries around the world? Rather than having just one huge campus in France, in the beginning of the 21st century Vatel decided to increase its outreach, by exporting its innovative educational methods throughout the world. The first worldwide business school group in hospitality and tourism management, Vatel has created an unequaled network of 50 campuses in 31 countries. They all follow the same curriculum, which includes the French art of hospitality as well as regional traditions: both global and local, Vatel is attached to the stakes involved in globalization.

This international development quite naturally goes hand in hand with an international curriculum. The building blocks of jobs for the hospitality industry, learning several foreign languages and doing internships abroad are an important component in our original educational programs, aimed to target and strengthen our students’ international outlook. Both in our Bachelor and our MBA, students can study for a year on another Vatel campus, while continuing to learn and enjoying a total immersion in another culture. Our faculty members also have a dedicated exchange program, one that highlights their knowledge and best practices.

In a world that now only thinks in terms of flows, one where the acceleration of exchanges, sharing information and the incredible expansion of technologies are overturning the job market, an international outlook is the key to success. For Vatel, this is an evidence that has made our Group so successful for nearly 40 years now.

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