Marie earns another star

An MBA Vatel newly graduated student as well as being the European Valedictorian, Marie Organ started her career with the greatest victory for a hotel manager: having her hotel earn a new star!

Marie earns another star

In 2013, Marie Organ graduated from Vatel Bordeaux as the Valedictorian for the Bachelor Vatel in all the European campuses. And in 2015 she did it again, heading the MBA Vatel Brussels ranking, where she chose to do her graduate studies in English.

This new member of the network of 29,000 Vateliens will tell us about the fondest memories she has of Vatel, as well as how she was able to earn, in just a few months, a third star for the hotel her family owns and where she just began working in management.


“Because I grew up in a hotel, I wanted to work in this field. Even if, at the beginning, when I first graduated, I really didn’t have the intention of working in my family’s hotel.

Above all, I wanted to discover the entire world of hospitality in order to chose which professional project would suit me the best.

I decided to go to Vatel because of its comprehensive curriculum

  • the variety of courses given,
  • its balance between practical applications and theoretical aspects,
  • its international outreach.

The hospitality industry is all about passion: learning the ropes in this field was always a pleasure. In my opinion, the keys to success reside, above all, in organization, reflection and an eye for details each and every day.

I decided to continue my schooling with Vatel’s graduate studies as my goal was to acquire a maximum amount of knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry before starting to look for a job. I was really eager and obtaining the MBA Vatel degree seemed indispensable in my opinion, to work in a managerial function.

I left Vatel Bordeaux to attend Vatel Brussels because I wanted to do all of my Vatel courses in English.


1 internship, 1 moment and 1 course

Marie Organ The professional experience I had at the Quality Hotel Bordeaux Center was, without the shadow of a doubt, my best one in these five years. I had the opportunity of starting my internship as a Receptionist and ending it as the Assistant Manager in a very pedagogical and attentive team.  

I’ve also got great memories of my Vatel Bordeaux undergraduate graduation ceremony that took place at the Chateau Soutard with the entire administrative team.

And last but not least, I’ll never forget the Accounting courses we had at Vatel Brussels. They taught me how to bring strategy, figures and creativity together, making up a precious base that I use every day in my managerial activities.


A goal of a 3rd star and continuous improvement

The knowledge and skills that I gained during my Vatel internships really helped me in the process of applying for the three-star category.

  • I started by drawing up a preliminary diagnosis of what the hotel had to offer and gaps to be filled.
  • I revamped our commercial support items and translated them into several different languages.
  • I put new procedures into place.
  • I checked and renewed the equipment in our 61 rooms.
  • I introduced a new system of guest feedback management.
  • I boosted employee awareness in environmental protection and special needs of disabled guests.

Hotel EtignyThe Hotel d’Etigny closed for the winter. I took advantage of this time to travel and check out market trends. In my opinion it’s necessary to stay up to date for the latest innovations in the hospitality industry, but also to see how other structures are run, in order to be able to look at our family hotel from a subjective point of view.

All of this helped me have some new ideas to revamp our hotel: 

  • Work to add a pool
  • Creation of a landscaped garden
  • Diversification of our commercial offer
  • Long term strategic action plans.

I’ve got many projects and unlimited ambitions for the Hotel d’Etigny. My hope is that our hotel will someday become a destination in its own name.

  • First of all, I’d like to upgrade the quality of our services, products and improve the offer for our recreational guests.
  • After tha
    t, I’d like to increase our business guests in the framework of incentives. My top priority is to improve the hotel’s reputation and to increase customer loyalty.

This is a huge challenge with many unlimited possibilities! Everything that I like in hospitality: action, clients and two days that are never the same.


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