The success story of a Vatelien in Zurich

Agathe Lambert, the Sales and Special Events Coordinator at the Marriott Hotel, presents her job to us and tells us about her days at school.

 The success story of a Vatelien in Zurich


“Vatel alumni quickly get jobs because of their concrete and complete education and training.”

Now a Vatelien also, Agathe Lambert can confirm this sentence that she heard when she was researching schools: she was hired as the Zurich Marriott International Sales and Special Events Coordinator just a few months after she got her Bachelor Vatel. Here’s how she did it.


- Do you remember what you wanted to do when you were little?

Like all kids, I probably changed my mind a 1,000 times. A lawyer, in law enforcement, teaching, and many others. I wasn’t at all raised in the hospitality field, and became interested in it after high school graduation, because I was looking for a hands-on training course.


- How did you find one?

By enrolling in Vatel. Here’s the recipe:

  • a professional degree: the Bachelor Vatel,
  • an educational concept with both theoretical courses and practical work,
  • a field where you work with people and in the office. 

This winning trio gives you a very professional and reality-based education. And then I add on 3 more personal criteria: international, human and cross-cultural relations and you’ll understand why Vatel seemed so evident for me. 

As of my first year I began to love everything I was being taught and what this could bring to me in all the different jobs in this field.


- You were born in Nancy, France.  Why did you choose Vatel Switzerland and its international class?

I wanted to go to a hotel management school in Switzerland what Vatel had to offer seemed to match what I was looking for, with its hands-on program.

My first year’s courses were in French, and then I chose English as of my second year. I’m sure that I still would have had a low level, had I not made this choice.  This decision allowed me to arrive at where I am today.


- What are your best memories?

  • The F&B culture and oenology courses, as I use them every day at work and in my personal life when I have friends over.
  • The third year practical application week. A key to understand our courses as well as gaining experience in management, practical application weeks are a lot of work. The last one was thus symbolic.
  • The contacts I gained through my internships and shared with other alumni: a true gold mine.  It’s up to use to use this and activate the network of Vateliens that we all make up.


Marriott Zurich Meeting- The Lausanne restaurant, sales in Brussels, the front desk in Basel, a hotel launch in Zurich: what did you gain from all these experiences?           

I’m naturally curious and I loved the diversity of these experiences in different cities. Hospitality is a great field for those who like to travel, expand their horizons and do several different types of work during their career.

Because I did these jobs as an intern, today I’m better able to understand issues that my team members can have. And I also can assess and if required, adjust my decisions without compromising the quality goals that I set for myself.


Marriott Zurich Rooms- How did you get the job you currently have?  

Thanks to my previous internship, the good references I had in the Marriott Group, and working really hard. My application and my first days where everything was in German were not easy.

But anything is possible when you’re supported by a great team.


- What do you like the most in your professional life?

I like, no, I love the diversity of things we can discover in this field: the people we meet, the cities we can live in, managerial styles, all of  this. The hospitality industry is exciting and dynamic.

In my job, I have the opportunity to be in direct contact with my guests which enables me to respond to their demands and ensure their satisfaction.  Then the ideas that I propose to improve our services are even more relevant. 

 Moreover, Zurich is a very dynamic city and I’ve still not finished exploring it.



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