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55 campuses
1er Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management
9 000 Students
1re Awarded the Best Hospitality School by professionals in the industry
39 000 Alumni


A professional training program with an international scope


1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management, yet family-run, Vatel has 55 campuses in 31 countries. It's good to know that we can count on each other.


The Marco Polo program allows you to spend the 2nd year on another Vatel campus to choose from among 54 destinations. It is a cultural, linguistic, and educational enrichment, in complete safety.


50% of teaching is devoted to experimentation. “You never understand so well as when you experiment yourself!” This precept underpins Vatel’s teaching philosophy. And it’s more than words: it translates tangibly into experimentation in our practical training facilities, alternating with theoretical classes .


Soon 40,000 of them proudly bear the name of Vateliens and hold positions of responsibility all over the world. Some advice, a recommendation, an internship, a job offer ... It is reassuring for Vatel students to know that they can count on a solid alumni network.


100% of Vatel alumni are employed within the first three months of graduation. With its vast network in the hospitality and tourism industry, Vatel assists its students with internship placements around the world which often lead to full time employment.


Nyurah, the training restaurant in Vatel Rwanda every Vatel student has the opportunity to be practice their skills at a five-star establishment offering a contemporary African fine dining experience in front of real clients.


As one of the leading and fastest growing sectors in Africa, being part of Vatel Rwanda will equip you with the skills you need to be part of telling Africa’s story of growth and transformation.

Fiona Testimonial - Vatel Rwanda

Testimonial: Fiona Arakiza

“We didn't even have to wait until we had finished the program to start our events company. By our second year we had already acquired several important skills that we could use to help us successfully run a hospitality business."

Vatel Curriculum

Reveles the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Vatel Rwanda Curiculum
Vatel Rwanda Curiculum

We currently do not offer an MBA in Vatel Rwanda