Vatel Alumni Network Conference

Vatel Club Ambassadors met up in Tel Aviv to discuss new ideas about making the Vatelien network more dynamic

Vatel Alumni Network Conference

There are not less than 27,000 Vatel alumni today throughout the world! Vatel Clubs were created in Europe, in the Americas, in Africa and in Asia, in order to allow them to keep in touch. Each Vatel Club is chaired by an Ambassador, who is a Vatelien, elected by his or her peers, for a three-year mandate. The Ambassadors meet once a year.


This year, they all met up in Israel

Like every year, the Ambassadors were invited to meet in one of the Schools of the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management. They first met in Martigny, Switzerland in 2013, then in Nimes last year, and this year, from May 11 to 13, they met in Vatel Tel Aviv.  They had three days to discuss new actions that would increase the dynamics and vitality of this huge network of 27,000 professionals, recognized and appreciated in the entire world. 

The next meeting will take place in Vatel Bordeaux, in 2016, in order to measure progress on actions rolled out this year: the election of two or even three new Ambassadors per Club and the development of communication tools to promote exchanges between Vatel students and alumni.


The bigger and more dynamic the network is, the more Vatel Clubs there are

Ever since the site went live in June, 2014, each and every month more and more Vateliens log in to, their 2.0 dedicated network. A web site for exchanges, where Vatel students, alumni and companies share job opportunities, invitations to events, Vatelien Success Stories, news about other Vatel Clubs soon to open, etc.

Whatever Vatel Campus they studied at, links between Vatel alumni get stronger each time a new Vatel Club is created. This is why three new Clubs were created in the last two months, building on Vatelien initiatives and supported by Vatel Group: Bangkok, London and Tunis.

And these dynamics are still ramping up with upcoming openings of Vatel Clubs in Marrakesh, New York City, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Manila, Dubai and Singapore.