Transmitting passion to the younger generations

Captivating speeches, shared experiences, the Vatel Switzerland Careers Forum sparks vocations.

 Transmitting passion to the younger generations

Vateliens and professional speakers in the Vatel Switzerland International Careers in Hospitality Forum were unanimous: 

There are many great jobs to be had in the hospitality industry, which is constantly being renewed, which brings together men and women from all walks of life and has so many different opportunities careers, traveling and meeting others.

These sincere and impassioned testimonials sparked the interest in many younger generations who were present at this event.


A few of the speakers:


Forum Carrières Vatel Switzerland“What skill sets are required when you want to work in Sales or in Finance?” This is the answer that Margot Dore, a Vatel Switzerland 2015 alumnus, who currently works in the Human Resources Department in the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic Montreux, gave to all the young students, who were delighted with this: “Mathematics, computer sciences and like for all hospitality related careers, modern languages.”

“For weddings, anniversaries, conferences, seminars and banquets. Do the special events department or the restaurant services department take care of these? And what role does the Hotel Manager play in supervising everything? There were many questions and each and every one of them were answered by professional speakers, Vatel Switzerland students and Vateliens, who were present for this forum.


Entertaining and educational workshops

Third year students designed and set up five olfactory recognition workshops and knowledge tests in Table and Kitchen Arts, that the high school students were able to take part in:

  • Errors in setting the table: from dishes to cutlery, pinpointing mistakes that the captain made when he was setting the tables.
  • Wine aroma recognition: just by smelling the wine, recognizing the aromas of Violets, Hazelnuts, Mushrooms, Pear and Pepper in five bottles.
  • Rare fruits and vegetables: is this a parsnip or a turnip?  Link the photo to the name of the food that corresponds.
  • Ways of cooking: rare, medium rare, grilled or roasted? How was this meat cooked?
  • Table service: each drink has its own glass and each glass has its own name. Is this a cocktail glass, an old fashioned or a tumbler? Answers during the demonstration!



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